This estimate is an estimate of your costs and is not a contract or guarantee of the actual costs for the services that may be provided to you. The prices this estimate is based on are subject to change at any time without notice. Your final out-of-pocket costs may be greater than the amount of this estimate. This estimate is calculated based on the healthcare services, hospital location, and health insurance plan you selected, along with any deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket cost information you inserted into Freedom Behavioral’s price estimator. A hospital visit or encounter might vary from patient-to-patient for the same service depending on length of stay or services provided due to the patient's health status.

Your actual costs may vary depending upon the hospital location and timing of other outstanding payments affecting your deductible or out-of-pocket costs. You are encouraged to consult with your insurance provider to confirm your payment responsibilities, deductibles, and other details of your insurance plan. In addition, you may incur other charges from physicians and other healthcare providers separate from the hospital charges for the services identified in this estimate. Physician-related charges are billed directly by your physician, and other third-party charges (charges for services by providers other than the hospital and your physician) are billed directly by the third-party provider.

I have read and understood the above disclaimer. This is only an estimate and my actual charges may be different from the estimat

In compliance with the CMS Price Transparency rules effective 01/01/2022, please click the link below that applies to you.

Hospital price transparency empowers Americans by providing them with the knowledge of the cost associated with hospital items or services before they receive them. Freedom Healthcare is committed to ensuring access to this valuable information, which is available for download below. By offering this information, we aim to assist you in making informed decisions about your healthcare and understanding your out-of-pocket expenses in advance. To explore the pricing of a specific service, simply click on the secure link below and answer a few questions. This user-friendly tool will guide you in selecting the type of service you require.

A hospital’s listed price is a federally mandated maximum amount for a service or item, which doesn’t account for any discounts negotiated by insurance companies.

Hospitals must keep a detailed record of procedures, descriptions, and their respective listed prices using a sophisticated accounting system called the hospital chargemaster.

Even though almost no one actually pays the full listed price, federal rules mandate that hospitals present this full price to every patient who avails of a service or item.

Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies decide the payment amounts for medical services. Typically, the amount your insurance company agrees to pay is less than the hospital’s listed price.

For instance, while a hospital might list a one-day room stay at $1,200, an insurance company might only cover $600 of that cost.

Deductibles and co-insurance values derive from the payment terms established by your insurance company for insured services. These amounts seldom relate directly to the hospital’s listed prices.